Wade Radford is a dedicated Performance Poet, 'Zine Maker' and Photographer...     But that's just the present... 

Since 2012 Wade has been releasing works in many formats on the DIY underground scene and the above would be far too much of a simple explanation. A true DIY artist, now in control of his own small label in Suffolk- Wade has never been one to follow the rules or buckle to the mainstream. 

He's a former filmmaker known for an array of controversial, anti-censorship and art house films. Most notably his performance in 'TWINK' as Kayden Quinn 'Daydream', which has now grown it's own cult following. 

Numerous poetry books released, the odd other curious piece of writing, thirteen feature films, various shorts, photography books, numerous 'Zines'...   Oh just go and browse this site's many unique pickings before we bore you any further. 

On this site you can view his latest Zine releases, shop his books and movies, watch trailers of past films (if you dare!!!), listen to some spoken word, view some Polaroids... and generally have a nose. 

His work is wide and varied and he's still totally skint... 

It's been a prolific bizness and lasted longer than anyone thought it would... Himself included!!! 


wade radford

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2021 Remaster of the notorious film from 2014 'TWINK'. Featuring brand new bonus content. We have found and restored the long lost, missing (29 Min) Boys on 8 Tape. Included in this new pack, rerelease.