A truly independent artist since 2012 Wade Radford is a performance poet, writer, filmmaker, actor & artist. 

Emerging onto the DIY scene in 2012 in Sex Lies & Depravity, Wade has created and starred in 13 feature films. He is most widely known as Kayden 'Quinn' Daydream in the anti industry furious film 'TWINK' (2014). 

He is a writer who is best described as an anarcho punk poet and cathartic open soul on love, loss and mental health- both in equal measure. 

After years of output and tired of the industry Wade created his own distribution label 'BedlamBolloxsDistro' in 2019 and repackaged his entire film archive for special releases. Under his label he has also produced 'Poetry Canvas' artwork, one off Poetry pamphlets and other collectible goodies.  

wade radford

Writer of 8 mini Poetry anthologies, the first five became the 2019, 10 year anniversary coffee table book 'Bedlam My Boy'. The rest of his lockdown archive is soon to be released in Bedlam My Boy Volume II. 

He and his writing were the subject of the 2018 American released documentary 'Confessions of a Gay Poet'- A.K.A 'Poet: An Intimate Discussion With Wade Radford'. He also penned the semi autobiographical 'A Vision of Life' in 2017 and the existential love story 'All The Way to Mundesley Bay' in early 2020. His work is available via Amazon or signed on his website store. 

Wade Radford is constantly coming up with creative ways to distribute his work and many of his works now remain collectible. He refuses to adhere to industry standards and does things always in his own way! 

If you would like to make a contribution towards the up keep of Wade's archive website. Please click the link below. All of Wade's work is self-funded and all donations go towards the creation of more work in film, writing and online activity.