Wade Radford- DIY artist, actor, filmmaker, painter, writer, poet...provocateur!!!

Born in Milton Keynes, England in 1991, Wade Radford explored creative outlets as a child but didn't enjoy the industries routine of child acting or modelling. 

When Wade turned twenty years old he teamed up with British filmmaker Jason Impey, and  in 2012 provided him a script called 'Jake' which would later be known as 'Sex Lies & Depravity' upon its release. The film became the duos entrance into LGBT film and a no budget, home grown film charted in the United States. The following year a sequel, 'More Sex Lies & Depravity' was released in which Wade reprised his roles as Ethan Price and writer. 

In 2013 more projects emerged, 'Boys Behind Bars' and '1 Last Chance at Paradise'. Paradise went onto to become the duos highest grossing film of all time, reaching number 7 and spending a year in the LGBT chart. By now audiences were becoming familiar with their no budget set up and support was a plenty. In Paradise Wade's close friend and 80s Punk Singer Honey Bane cameoed as a mean, homophobic mother- It was to be the start of plenty of shared screen time. During this time Wade's spoken word was being released onto SoundCloud and was being listened to in the tens of thousands. 

2014 would prove to be the most fruitful year yet, and films would be created that would go onto grow and grow as time went on. In the Summer 'Boys Behind Bars 2' was completed and went on to become the fan favourite and highest grossing movie of the franchise, being the only one to be reproduced on DVD and Blu Ray in Europe as well as America. In November 'TWINK' was unleashed, a brutal attack on reality television and exploitation. It didn't take long for the film to become critically acclaimed and it also awarded Wade with his first and only 'Best actor' nomination. Though British born, Wade had struggled to break into the UK & European market, TWINK provided the first opportunity to do that. Other projects included the short film 'Boys on 8 Tape', a segment in 'Grindsploitation 2' and more! 

In 2015 a range of controversial films followed 'The Lustful Dead', 'Fluid Boy' and 'Boys Behind Bars 3'. In 2016 a special limited edition of TWINK was released on DVD in the UK and Europe, and finally, depleted by years of relentless output, Wade stepped away from film... 

Not much was heard for sometime until Wade released his new poetry anthology 'The Ideation of Six Feet Under' in November as well as a reissue of his 2014 anthology 'Master Crotch'. Between 2016-2018 Wade would release five anthologies, the aforementioned first two, and then 'Seeing Red' (2017), 'Disequilibrium' (2018) and finally 'Lord of The Guys & The Gutter Press' (2018). To celebrate 10 years of his poetic work in 2019 all these anthologies were discontinued and made into a large coffee table book 'Bedlam My Boy'. 

2017 Wade worked behind the scenes producing a new film, one in which the dialogue featured mainly poetry. He collaborated with musician Wesley Strong who filmed the piece, and the soundtrack was built using music solely from Australian musician Edward Guglielmino. 'Caught in a Landslide' marked Wade's comeback to film and became his first number 1 in the LGBT American chart. The film sold well, but critically was a disaster... The same year he also released a non-fiction, semi autobiographical account of a summer romance in Kent called 'A Vision of Life'. 

2018 saw Radford reunite with Jason Impey who filmed a documentary about his written work, originally called 'Poet: An Intimate Discussion With Wade Radford', it was later retitled in the USA (much to Wade's disapproval) 'Confessions of a Gay Poet'. 

At the end of 2019 the duo shot a new romance story 'Stranger Than Us', which was released in March 2020, and also 'The Last Sex Lies and Depravity' which was released alongside it's two partner films as part of a first time UK limited edition DVD of all three films in December 2020. . AQs of 2021 he has sold over 100 pieces of his 'Poetry Canvas' art online- as well as other unique limited edition poetry pamphlets. 

So far the start of the new decade has seen Wade release his piece of fiction 'All The Way to Mundesley Bay'. There has also been a remaster and reissue on Blu Ray of TWINK, Boys Behind Bars 2 and Boys Behind Bars 3. He has released further mini poetry anthologies with a new coffee table book due for release. 

A true DIY artist since 2012, Wade likes to provoke thought with his work, he likes to take the rules of the industry and turn them upside down... His work is often political, it often rallies against the injustices, prejudices and exploitation in our society, and he remains unapologetic for this. 

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