ART: Poetry On Canvas

In his spare time Wade creates original pieces on Canvas using his poetry and prose works. The below gallery features works that have now been sold to private buyers. He started transferring his words onto Canvas in September 2019 and was surprised at the demand for supporters and followers wanting to own one. No two pieces are EVER the same!  You can also purchase new canvasses on Etsy. 

If you have a favourite poem and would like to commission Wade to create you something to hang in your home, email him at

Twinkie Long Legs- A Whores Poem

One of three of the collection of 'Twink' film inspired art pieces. This piece features the poem from the campfire scene in the film 'twinkie long legs'.

'Kaydens Bedroom Squalor' Twink Film

One of three, limited Twink Film art pieces. Kaydens bedroom squalor depicted the wallpaper from the opening credits of the film.

'Kaydens Rage' Twink Film

One of three limited Twink Film designs. This depicted the colours of the bedroom walls, merged together and displayed Kaydens bitter quotes.


A2 Canvas

'Ode to Nobody' Canvas

Taken from Wade's short poem 'Ode to Nobody' Created January 2020.

Idle Disco Ball- Prose Canvas

Taken from the poetry book 'The Ideation of Six Feet Under'.

Quote from 'Under My Skin'

Quote from 'under my skin' is taken from the 2018 poem 'under my skin' from the poetry anthology 'Disequilibrium'


A2 Canvas

Men Get Abused As Well

A2 Full Poem Canvas

'Lord of the Guys' Full Poem

Taken from the poem 'lord of the guys' from the 2018 anthology 'lord of the guys and the gutter press'.

For The Objectified Poetry Book

DIY Poetry Pamphlet - For The Objectified

Verse from 'Popular Culture'

Verse from 'Popular Culture' created with newspaper letter cuttings. taken from the 2016 book 'The Ideation of Six Feet under'.

'The Last Bog Roll In England'

a2 Canvas from the poem 'The Last Bog Roll in England' - Ode an Un Wiped Arse


A2 Canvas

Life After Death

A2 Full Poem Canvas

Quote from 'Roll Up'

Made with 2 newspapers with article headlines from that day. Words intentionally harder to read to portray the blurred message of the media. Taken from the poem 'Roll up' which featured in the 2018 poetry collection 'lord of the guys & the gutter press'.

The Bed Doesn't Have To Be Empty

A2 Canvas and full poem

Life After Death Canvas- Full Poem

Life After Death canvas, poem taken from the 2018 poetry collection 'Disequilibrium'.

Designer Underwear

A2 Canvas

Nude Canvas

Quotes from the poem 'nude'. Taken from the poetry collection 'Disequilibrium' (2018)

Pink Pound

A2 Canvas

I'll Show You My Missile Canvas

Poem Taken from the 2016 anthology 'The Ideation of Six Feet Under'. Created Jan 2020.

'You Can't Drown Yourself in a Bath'

Versus from 'You Can't Drown Yourself in a Bath', taken from the 2016 poetry collection 'the Ideation of Six feet under'.

Verse from 'bedlam my boy'

Verse from 'Bedlam my Boy' is taken from the poem 'bedlam my boy' which featured in the 2018 poetry collection 'Disequilibrium'. The title was later used as the main title of his 10 year anniversary retrospective.

'Under My Skin' Complete Canvas

Full poem of 'Under My Skin', taken from the 2018 anthology 'Disequilibrium'.

'Only You' Verse

'Only You' Verse, taken from the poetry collection 'Seeing Red' (2017).

Popular Culture- Full Poem

Taken from the anthology 'the Ideation of Six Feet under' (2016).


A2 Canvas