Behind the corpse!

So, as you’ve guessed Im super excited about the forthcoming special DVD release of ’The Lustful

Dead’- this film has had a long old journey!

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I filmed this flick back in 2015, it was the last film I filmed before i headed off on my unintended sabbatical that didn’t see me re-emerge until 2017. The idea for the movie was to recreate the same style used in Twink (2014) but to push it towards a more LGBT horror offering, whilst keeping the general level of mocking towards reality tv and the media as high as we could.

What happened over the next few years was a bit of a weird journey for this little seen film of mine. It didn’t actually get a release in the USA until 2017 (by which time I was highly engrossed in a different life away from film- so for starters it didn’t get my usual attention. Then within three weeks of release, major US retailers had pulled the flick and only rare second hand copies could then be found. It seemed retailers as a whole wanted to keep well clear of potential backlash. They tell me we went too far... I don’t think so! The Lustful Dead encapsulates so many things; our continued assault on our false reality, reality tv, the undertones Of media hypocrisy and exploitation, and our continued plight against censorship

on the indie scene.

It obviously caused a reaction among regular viewers of mine, some perplexed why I’d do such a thing... really? I was in Boys behind Bars, I live for this shit!

A newspaper battered me over the head for it, others remained gobsmacked and all along I’ve sat here enjoying the wild ride!

apparently simulating masturbation on a corpse and whipping it with a belt isn't to everyone’s taste? Or maybe I have a darker sense of what’s funny; who knows?

Its equally funny and gross in equal measure and maybe the fact it wasn’t scripted should call for my psycho analysis based on the words said! But ultimately we made a film we wanted to make! Too many years have kept this film in the shadows and I’m deighted that the BBFC today have passed it UNCUT!!!

Around the world you can pre-order TLD on dvd from my site for a November 15th release, I encourage you to do so if you haven't yet witnessed my darkest acting side. It sure has divided audiences!

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