I've still got some Ethan left in me!

Just about, just about!

So I broke the news on Friday, just after we finished shooting the final scene for the film. We've been going since August and it's been a wide ride! We have now completed


I don't know what possessed me to bring back dear Ethan after all these years, was I feeling nostalgic?

For those who don't know back in 2012 'Sex Lies' was the first film I'd written and made and certainly was the first to grab a distribution deal in the states. So there the mad journey began with us filming a Sex Lies 2 just months after wrapping on the first.

The truth is, without SLD there would have been no Boys Behind Bars, no Twink, maybe no films of mine at all! That is either a blessing or a curse for the viewing public- But I'm thankful all the same!

It had always been eating away at me that the second film had ended with such a cliffhanger that never got answered, and I felt there was enough story there to squeeze one final outing in the park. Will it be successful? Will it bring back its original viewers or new viewers? Who knows? But it had to be done!

I can't say too much at this time about the new film, but something different was in the air. The truth is its nearly eight years since we called 'that's a wrap' on the second film. A lot's happened since the days of staying up for countless nights taking in all the brutal highs and lows of filmmaking. Now I'm not old (minus the incoming grey hairs), but playing Ethan again reminded me that I certainly don't find complex characters like him as easy to play as I once did; he's exhausting!

His continuous bouts of trouble, rage and general mischief demand a lot from me!

Its fair to say within a few days of starting filming I was wiped out! My issue is that I never learn to not wear so many hats from producing, writing, acting, casting, catering, music and the list goes on and on! If anyone's going to fuck it all up on a job, it may as well be me! That doesn't stop me wishing sometimes that I didn't delegate a little more. But it was good to be back with Jason on set and some other old faces; it felt like we'd come full circle since this journey all started.

Jason now busily edits the film and I have no idea what to expect as of yet, I really don't; I'm also busy already with new projects! I can admit that I'm also nervous; it's easy to bang out new characters, but it's honestly nerve wrecking trying to bring one back from years ago and hope that you still delivered a solid performance for a character that's known and loved.

Time will tell!

If you haven't watched Sex Lies Part 1 & 2 yet, you can find them on my Vimeo at http://www.vimeo.com/thewaderadford .

Till next time,