My most common FAQS 🤣

Well I thought I’d be a wee bit funny and answer the most common inbox messages I get. I’m super lucky to correspond with so many amazing individuals... then there are others.

The internet can sometimes be a ludecrious place where people have a propensity to type before they think. Other times they state the absolute obvious or launch a verbal type written sexual assault upon you 🤣

these are my favourites...

1. Are you a bad boy?

... Well sometimes I have pizza twice a week!

2. You look older than you did in Twink?

🙄 May have something to do with being considerably older now...

3. You always look tired?

... it’s probably the tiredness.

4. Do you like older guys?

I love stories from the war, of course I do!

5. Are you looking for some fun?

Aren't we all? I love galleries and historic places, eating too much food and good conversation. That was what you meant right?

6. You‘re Shit!

More of a statement than a question, but I hear ya!

7. Are you a pornstar?

Contrary to popular opinion, no! I‘m not aware over eating, anxiety, insomniac pornstars was a much needed commodity? If and when it gets in-demand, I’ll reconsider.

8. Do you ever give out freebies?

Do you ever pay for anything?

9. I can’t afford to pay you, but it’ll be good advertising!

I like money!

10. Would you like to swap dick pics?

No. If I ever forget what one looks like, I’ll stand in front of a mirror.