Oh to be on demand!

Back in 2018 after some discussions and films having been unavailable for a while, I was finally able to bring my film catalogue out through instant, on demand streaming.

Lots of my films (bar Twink) had been really hard for people to get outside of the USA, so it was a real treat to be able to offer such a selection of work.

Also films such as the ever disturbing ‘but weirdly erotic’ (as some have called it), ‘Necrophiliac: The lustful dead’ was finally easy for people to access. TLD has had a rough life, it put the frightners on censorship so weeks after release it was pulled in the USA. So the dvd alone is somewhat of a rarer commodity. Even Amazon UK refused to add it to their catalogue because of content. With that film it’s like the world had a shit fit and summoned their inner Mary Whitehouse...

Then we have the complete Boys Behind Bars series which has been rejected on some platforms, again for content issues... bloody prudes!

other titles include the romantic ‘Last Chance at Paradise’, the meditative ‘Caught in a Landslide’ and of course those ‘Sex Lies & Depravity’ films which you must catch up on before the new one next year!

Vimeo has given us the opportunity to offer cheap rent and buy on demand options whilst paying the creators fairly. It’s so easy to join Vimeo and checkout with PayPal and debit as and when you want to watch the films you want!

Go on, spend sometime with me at https://vimeo.com/thewaderadford/vod_pages



Original Promo shot for Boys Behind Bars (2013).