Touching Base

It’s the early hours of the morning and somewhere between boredom and fatigue I thought, it’s been a while since I last put out a blog post on the website... so for better or worse, here I am!

Whats been up recently? The worlds gone fucking mad in lockdown and I've managed to stay busy behind the door... surprisingly! In April I released the new film ‘Stranger Than Us’ that was shot last year. This has been a slow burner sales wise, but I remind myself that this release is the first time I’ve ever ‘gone it entirely alone’ on the distribution front so everything takes time, right? In the midst of all that we are releasing remastered Blu Rays of Boys II AND III, a first ever Twink (2014) collectors poster, new spoken word CDS (x2) and my new coffee table book ‘Violation my Boy!‘ has just been released. I reflect on all that and go... well lockdowns been busy alright! shameless plug, you can buy all of the above from my website exclusive store... ya know you want to!

Other Non Marketing News:

There is some... believe it or not! I came off TWITTER!!! I’ve now decided to only dedicate my outreach with the world via my Facebook page and Instagram. My reason for ditching Twitter is that it’s just not the same as it was years ago. No ones allowed a fucking opinion on there, the news feed is covered in total bollocks, and there’s this real ‘woke peeps mob mentality’ on there. I can’t say I’ve been a victim myself but I find the negativity all too consuming and basically it’s just another thing I don’t need to see in my life. It’s more of a well-being choice as I grow more interested in my own after all these years. I’d rather reduce my output and focus on a smaller list of social media thus allowing me to connect more.

My Garden-

Ahh the pleasures in life. It’s really become something. I moved into my drafty 500 year old cottage last December and the garden in spring (after some tidying up) just exploded! I realise I’m starting to sound about 100 years old now but fuck it! I’ve had pink roses, white roses, purple and white Lupins (which May I add the purple Lupins have been insane), honesty, carnations, blue bells, fox gloves and many more. the spring tulips were without a doubt my favourite, absolutely breathing taking. I even have been grabbing some progress Polaroid’s as I’ve gone along.

Most importantly the plants I’ve kept or the additions have been bee friendly. I love watching bees and I’ve had tons of them each day. They work hard, and watching them I often think, if only our governments just got on with their jobs like bees do. I’ll be sending a good report to the queen.

Coming soon! The Sex Lies 3 film, shot last August is being edited and a directors cut of the 2013 film ‘Last Chance at Paradise’ is being pieced together. Both are looking pretty exciting!

Do check out my exclusives page or eBay shop front, we’ve never had so many new exclusives out.

keep safe folks,