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Below are ways to get involved in my mission...

Since Summer 2021 my independent label is turning more away from movies and go full on in it's mission to supply 'not for profit' pocket sized booklets of my work. Recently we issued our first release Beta Cum. We have three publications currently in the works, as well as an A4 hardback photography book that we desperately need help with. 

I opened BedlamBD in 2020 as away to separate myself from distribution labels and take back control of all the film work historically and publish new products going forth. This has gone very well and we have released nearly all my back catalogue. The new booklets have attracted attention from bookstores, radical online publications and we have even been issuing free copies to institutes that hold books of similar material. From my anthropology writing, to my politics, nature, the study of human emotions... we've got something for everyone!!! 

Below you can opt to help fund one of our new releases (the print of it) and as a result get the issue dedicated to yourself should you wish. 

I hope you can help BEDLAMBD continue to grow, to continue to issue work that is available for everyone!!! 

Thank you,


xXx <3 


After the unexpected interest in the early years hardback photography book - NEW Flesh.

Here we offer something different. Walls for the Doors is a risqué, private photoshoot of Wade Radford at home. This includes a look at him in isolated habitat, some of the most provocative/semi nudes he's done to date, as well a glimpse into the way he lives. 

Our loving funder will receive the ENTIRE book dedicated to them. The below amount is our shooting cost and first print of 100 A4 Hardback Copies/70 Pages. We would obviously love to raise this money as soon as possible to ensure the shoot goes ahead.

Note: This project won't be out until next Summer. Long investment. 


Add a It’s us, the oppressed... Oppressed by our celebrities who treat us as fans and not
Add a It’s us, the oppressed... Oppressed by our celebrities who treat us as fans and not



After the turn around for Skin Flick was so popular and quick; I'm already gagging for a project to make sure I am busy. 

I present the Idle Disco Ball (Redux) ZINE. A 40 page/A5 Size journey through Pictures and Photography, disco lights and poetry. This is free flowing prosè that has never before been seen or read, accompanied (alike Skin F) with vibrant, bright, erotic, dreamy Photography- of loss of innocence, rejection and desire in 'clubs'. (Nightlife) 

This project only has ONE available dedication to anyone bootiful and supportive enough to help fund this project. Lots of disco sets, Polaroids and stock to get prepared for.

I am already in the works for this project and actively writing and planning shoots. I estimate a mid- to late February release. 

For a credit to just you, the dedicated Zine, please donate the below.